We provide modern accounting services, which means that:

  • we use an electronic platform for the exchange of Saldeo Smart documents, which allows you to send us documents electronically, and each document is available in the form of a scan
  • we offer the possibility of remote access to various enova modules, from the so-called accounting office client's desktop, through invoicing, financial reports, etc.
  • we offer employee desktops, through which employees can submit holiday requests and fill in the working time register
  • we enter your bank transfers
  • cost invoices can be categorized by the client's administration at the stage of their entry into the system, which guarantees fast and accurate reporting

These solutions allow to ensure high quality of work while separating obligations from individual arrangements. They make it possible for the management boards and owners of companies who want to have regular insight into the company's activities to have constant and current access. We also provide a flexible approach, regular meetings to discuss our cooperation and the results of our work.